Talent Bank

dcDigital Productions offers a small, but wide-variety of top voice talents. We believe our announcers represent a very complete cross-section of styles suitable for every business type. Any one of our voices is able to deliver your message perfectly.

Grant’s read is commanding yet friendly, professional but not afraid to be fun.  A great all-around versatile sound with broadcast-quality polish.

Cassie’s young, smiley, full-of-life style makes her voice – and your message – easily relatable for a youthful audience.


Like a fine scotch, Nancy's voice can be described with one word... 'Smooth as Silk'.  Ok 3 words, but who’s counting?  A versatile female delivery, coupled with light-hearted friendliness will be sure to keep callers on the line.


Poncho is your friendly, down-to-earth, 'guy next door', and he has the voice to match.  Easy to relate to, his style works great when you want the announcer to feel like your listener’s close friend.


Chrissy has a professional, laid-back yet creatively diverse style. Warm, funny, thoughtful... With pleasant tones, and a friendly attitude, she can tackle any job that comes to her.