Why do I need an on-hold message...?

...When the radio costs nothing?!

While it is true that many businesses choose to play the radio in their on hold messages for obvious reason (24 hour content, no cost), they run the risk of advertising their own competition directly to their on-hold clients... clients who are specifically interested in the kinds of products they are waiting on hold to learn about.

If your customers aren't specifically interested in what you're telling them (or don't like the song they're listening to), the chance of them hanging up and moving on to your competition increases dramatically.  It makes more sense to engage your customer with a custom-made message informing them specifically of YOUR product or service, while KEEPING them on the phone until you can talk to them directly.

Also don't forget:  Nothing says "I don't care about you as a customer" like a dead-silent line... or worse the dreaded BEEEEEEP...  BEEEEEEP....

Disclaimer: The owner of dcDigital Productions (who shall remain nameless unless you navigate to the contact page, which you really should... we're a great bunch of people to contact!) spent 23 wonderful career-years working in the Radio industry.  He loves Radio, and the people that make great Radio...  but as an on-hold marketing tool, he farts in its general direction*.  (Disclaimer of the Disclaimer:  No actual farts were made in the general direction of radio, radio stations, OR the people who make great radio!)


* Long live Monty Python!  ...and llamas.