The Statistics

We don't place our callers on hold.

Our hold times are short!

We have voicemail.


We don't need to tell you... because it happens to you all the time.  You get put on hold... The Need to put people on hold is not the most desireable situation for any business.  However, the more successful you are, the more customers you will have that want to talk to you at any given time, and you simply can't maintain the staff to talk to them all instantly.

Whether they are on hold for a few seconds or a few minutes, the voice that keeps them company (and the accompanying message) can spell the difference between a customer that stays on the line, or decides to call you back later (or, heaven forbid, not at all).

Engaging your on-hold customer with interesting dialogue will ensure they stay on the line for just that few extra seconds it takes for you to finally get to them, and save a lost customer (And lost revenue!)  In fact one lost call per day could cost you thousands of dollars over the course of a year.

Studies show that On-Hold Marketing works!


Teleconnect Magazine

  • 93% of callers placed on "silent hold" estimated their on hold time to be two and a half times longer than it actually was
  • 88% of callers prefer on hold messages versus dead silence or radio
  • 16-20% of callers made a purchasing decision based on information they heard while on-hold

U.S. West Communications

  • Providing information on hold results in a 45% increase in caller retention (fewer hang-ups)
  • Businesses experience a 20% increase in requests for additional products and services mentioned on hold


  • 70% of business callers are put on hold (counting time spent transferring from a receptionist or auto attendant, to an extension or voicemail)
  • 60% of callers put on "silent" hold hang up
  • 30% of first-time callers who hang up do not to call back

North American Telecommunications Association

  • The average hold time for businesses with more than two lines is 55 seconds
  • 55% of callers who were put on "silent" hold abandoned their calls in less than one minute - half within the first 40 seconds
  • Callers who hear music on hold stay on the line an average of 60 seconds longer than those on "silent" hold
  • Callers hearing information on hold stay on the line up to 3.5 minutes longer

Sales & Marketing Magazine

  • 93% of the average marketing / advertising budget is spent to entice potential customers to call a business
  • Only 4% of the average marketing budget is spent on caller / customer retention
  • The average cost in lost potential business from a mishandled call is $34

Not convinced? Here are some graphs...