Simplicity, itself!

Keeping it simple, means keeping our pricing simple too!

When you order audio services from dcDigital Productions, you'll pay $3.00 per finished second.  That's it (don't forget to add the Obligatory Government Donation of 5%)

That simple pricing structure allows us to pay our writers, producers, and voice talent, music licensing, heating bills, etc... while keeping costs low to you.

For example...  a 5 minute initial message can be written, recorded, voiced, and delivered for $900.00 plus GST.



Simple pricing structure

No Monthly fees!!

Since we charge by the second, you only pay for the time you use, rather than shelling out a flat rate each month whether you need our service or not. Our projects start at just $3/per finished second. No subscriptions, no monthly fees.

Initial Messages
(single voice, music, Lots of personality!)
3 minutes $540
4 minutes $720
5 minutes $900
6 minutes $1080
7 minutes $1260
8 minutes $1440

Single location.  Extras are available that may increase the per second rate

Simple updates

Things change every day - it’s the way of business! So, when you have a special event, a sale, maybe an exciting new product you want to tell people about, tell them! We’ll add those supplemental messages into your existing package whenever you need them, and all you pay for is the updated portion.


Simple Communications

From the first time we meet to discuss your message, through the process of writing, voicing and producing, all the way to your approval and delivery of the finished product, we keep an open door and open minds to ensure your message is exactly what you want your customers and clients to hear. And if it’s not quite right the first time, we’ll keep working with you until it is.


Simply Entertaining!

To effectively communicate, you can’t be boring. Entertaining messages increase comprehension and interest to the listener. If your customers HAVE to wait on the phone for you, they should at least be given something interesting to listen to.