Keep It Simple, Stupid!

If there's one thing we like to do, it's to KEEP IT SIMPLE.  This serves several purposes (admittedly, some selfish).  Keeping things simple reduces the amount of headaches we get from trying to think too hard.

It also reduces the amount of work required to do anything, allowing us to spend our weekends with family and friends.

Most importantly (...and here's where you come in), "Simple" keeps messages straight forward to your listeners.  Whether people are driving around, listening to the radio, or sitting on hold waiting for you to pick up the phone, they aren't always paying full attention to the noise that's filling their ears.  By keeping the messages simple, and concise, but still sincere and interesting, your customers retain the information and actually make use of it.

Remember...  The Devil is in the details.

Finally, our simple pricing structure allows you to not worry that you're going to be nickle-and-dimed to death or hit with additional charges that weren't obvious before the project started... or worse, a dreaded monthly subscription charge!  Once you've purchased your message... it's yours to keep.

By keeping things simple, we increase your peace of mind, your confidence that your customers idle time is being spent wisely, and most of all, the knowledge that your money is being invested wisely into a product that will help you RETAIN your customers where others might hang up the phone.