dcDigital Advantage

dcDigital is your small-medium business choice for on hold messaging.  We are made up of a small group of creative and advertising professionals with over 40 years of combined radio-advertising experience. 

We have one common belief: a message is only received if people care enough to listen. You have a message to share with your customers and clients, and we have the experience, the knowledge, and the creativity to make them want to hear it.

By keeping our company small, we provide you the personalized service, attention to detail, and high quality of care you deserve.

Our Goal:

Have you ever had this happen to you?  You're sitting in your car, listening to the radio, driving home after a hard day of work...  You finally get to your destination, but the radio DJ is saying something rather compelling, so you sit there, listening to the DJ until he's finished.  When he's done, you turn off the car, and continue your day.  That announcer was telling you something interesting enough, that you wanted to put the rest of your life on hold for that few seconds until he was done.  You weren't a captive audience... you were a WILLING audience.

WE want your customers to feel the same way when they're on hold.  Our goal is for your customer, after finally being taken off hold, to say "Put me back on hold... I wanna hear the rest of that!"  It's a lofty goal, we know, but that's it.  smiley

Our Philosophy:

Inform the listener


Engage the listener


Entertain the listener